Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not filmed in Nebraska

Just finished watching Extraordinary Measures starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser - a story about a father who has two children suffering from a disease. Ford plays a doctor who does research in a lab on this particular disease.

In the film, Ford is a scientist working at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I think he even came here to shadow a research scientist in preparation for the role. But none of these scenes were filmed at the University of Nebraska - or anywhere else in Nebraska for that matter. A few Husker pennants and "N" signs do not turn a location in the northwest into Nebraska.

I just laughed at the portrayal of the research lab area that was supposed to be the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For one thing, it's not out in the country all by itself. Secondly, you are not going to find a parking lot anywhere near a University building. If you do find one remotely close, the lot is not going to be empty.

The funniest part was right in the beginning when Fraser follows Ford from the lab to a bar which would clearly have to be at least 35 miles from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. Apparently some Hollywood filmmaker thinks that all Nebraskans live in the sticks and city folk drive for more than half an hour to a remote bar in the country to get a beer after work. They apparently didn't get that the University is actually located within a city, not a one-block street that houses a John Deere store. This is just too funny for us locals.

There's also a highway sign depicting the distances to Bennet and Lincoln - with the arrows pointing in the wrong direction. Nice one!

But - if that's what the big time Hollywood folks think Nebraska is like, they can just keep putting out that image. We like it here and as long as films keep portraying our state that way and keep out any new people, that's fine with us.

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  1. Reminds me of a film about James Dean on TNT a few years ago, supposedly depicting his early years in Indiana, complete with mountains in the background!