Saturday, December 4, 2010

CNN welcomes Piers Morgan

I'm looking forward to the debut of Piers Morgan on CNN in January, in the time slot being vacated by Larry King. He's the outspoken former editor of the British tabloids, the News of the World and the Daily Mirror. I first became aware of him as a judge on America's Got Talent. Whether or not I agree with his assessment of talent on the show, I love his candor and saying what he thinks.

His next reality show stint was on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, which he won. I was rooting for him from the beginning, and I believe he handled this competition the way it should be played.

I quit watching Larry King Live years ago, when his attention span during an interview lasted about two minutes. He jumped from topic to topic, never asked follow-up questions and seemed to be more focused on what he was going to say next rather than the answer his interview subject was giving him.

So I am looking forward to what will undoubtedly include some spirited discussion and debate on Piers Morgan Tonight.

Morgan began posting on Twitter this week. Follow him here.

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  1. Good choice for CNN's show. I've always liked him, I think The Apprentice was first (he butt heads with that awful Amorosa?), and she had never heard of him, so now I'm thinking, I knew of him, so it was before that (maybe a guest on Larry King), but I also watch AGT. Oh well, doesn't matter, we both like him.