Friday, December 10, 2010

As Seen on TV - Stuff I Fell For

It's the shopping season, so that means it is also the season for shopping faux pas. Here are some I'm willing to admit to. And - a couple that turned out okay.

Actually, I've never seen the Kangaroo Keeper advertised on TV. I happened to see this on display when I walked into Walgreen's a couple months ago. I like any type of storage system with drawers, cubbies or pockets so this seemed perfect for me.

About all this did was weigh down my handbag to make it even heavier than it was before. I'm still using it - mainly so I can pull out just about everything and leave the contents in my car while I do my shopping. That strips down my handbag so all it includes is my wallet.

At a price of $19.99, I never would have bought it. Walgreen's price was $9.99, so I didn't think I was out all that much.

Bottom line: I wouldn't buy another one.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags - to help keep your produce last and last and last.

Actually, these work on some products. They do add a couple days' life to ripe bananas. They also help add two or three days to lettuce. The package says you can re-use each bag up to 10 times. I rinse them out between uses, so since several are in the cycle at the same time, I'm never real sure how many times each has been used. I've bought this product three or four times now, but not from TV. These are also available at my neighborhood Walgreen's store.

I did purchase one box of the "plain label" brand and they did not work as well as the Debbie Meyer brand.

Space Bags

Three words: Save Your Money!

These do NOT work. Yep, I was taken in by their infomercial where they suck the air out of the bags so that all of the sweaters and blankets in your closet end up taking only one inch of closet space.

Ha! Within three days the "vacuum sealed" opening was leaking and everything had returned to its full size. It was not just one bag that was a faulty product. I tried everyone that came in the shipment and had the same result with each one.

Microwave Bacon Cooker

This microwave bacon cooker was also a waste of money. I had been using the paper towel method of cooking bacon in the microwave and got tired of having to wipe all of the bacon grease off the glass plate in the microwave oven. I saw this in one of those cheesy catalogs (like Walter Drake). It was about $7.99 plus shipping. I was ordering a few other items, so it probably cost me about $10. I later saw these available along side the bacon at the grocery store.

Four Words: Don't Waste Your Money!

I may have used this five or six times before I threw it away. First of all, it does a lousy job of cooking the bacon. It does not cook evenly. It sticks together while cooking, making it nearly impossible to get the bacon off the rack. This becomes especially dangerous because of all of the hot bacon grease that has accumulated in the drip pan. I'm back to the paper towel method.

George Foreman grill

Now, we're on to a product I absolutely love! I'm actually on my fourth version. The individual size is absolutely perfect for singles. The larger version with removable plates (shown here) is great for couples. It's good for grilling pork chops, burgers, hot dogs and steaks. The removable plates make clean up much easier than on the smaller model. I use this several times a week.

I made the mistake of trying to grill fish on this once and that just did not work out. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but the fish fell apart and stuck to the grill. So - fish goes in the oven now.

Other than that one experience, I've been very pleased with this product.

Bose Wave Radio System with CD changer

Don't tell me that you haven't been tempted to get one of these dynamic sound systems that takes so much less shelf space than your old stereo system and speakers. Since I'm gradually working on downsizing, this appealed to me, but the price always held me back. I finally decided to give it a try because of Bose's "try it free for 30 days" offer.

It arrived. I plugged it in. The sound was muddy and had too much bass. Instruments overpowered the vocal, which always drives me crazy. It was awful. There are no adjustments so you can adjust the treble or bass balance - you're stuck with what Bose thinks it should sound like. I tried it for about 10 days - I really tried to enjoy it because I like the size and how it looked. But the sound sucked.

I followed the instructions for returning the product. I think I had to contact Bose to get a return authorization number or something. The instructions were that I had to return it via UPS and insured for $600. The postage cost me nearly $30 to ship it back. So much for trying it free for 30 days.

As I'm going through all of these crazy products that I've tried over the years, I see this is going to take several posts. These are enough for today. Have I ranted enough yet?


  1. Susan, yes you've had a few rants today, but boy are they good. Relax tonight, and no buying. Save your hard earned $$$

  2. Barb - best advice I've received all day!

  3. Very enlightening Susan. My daughter did try the space bags with mixed results. I had a microwave bacon rack for a long time - it was a pain to clean but my husband loved it!