Friday, December 10, 2010 Comes Through with Local Book

I certainly believe in supporting local businesses. Sometimes, that is not as easy at is seems. A couple weeks ago, the Lincoln Journal-Star featured an article and photographs from the book A Day at the Lake: A look at Holmes Lake wildlife and Landscapes throughout the year. This city park and lake are just down the street and I take my Dad on a drive-through at least once a week. I grew up spending nearly every weekend at Holmes Lake.

The photographs that I saw from this book included amazing wildlife photos, especially considering this park is located inside the city - there are photographs of red foxes, owls, ducks, geese and other animals you might not expect to see in an urban area.

I have now made four attempts to buy the book locally. On two occasions, I've been to the camera store where copies were supposed to be available. The first time I was told they only accepted checks or cash - no credit cards. So I tried to order directly from the author's web page, but the "Buy With Paypal" hyperlink was non-functional. I went back to the camera store, cash in hand, and was relieved to see a stack of the books behind the counter. Again, I was denied the opportunity to purchase the book because my name "wasn't on the list." I got on the author's web site again, and the PayPal hyperlink is still non-functional.

Enter Google. One of the first hits on the book title took me directly to There was the book for the same price that it would cost locally, if, indeed, your name was on a list. I ordered it from Amazon. Free two-day shipping. No sales tax. My apologies to local government - I was more than willing to purchase this book locally and pay the sales tax to go into local and state coffers. Sometimes, it's a challenge to try to support local vendors when the major retailers make it much easier (and less expensive) for you.

I have no doubt that I will enjoy the photographs of our beautiful city park once it arrives next week. But I do wish I could have made the purchase locally.


  1. Wow, that was a hard purchase. Susan, I'm wondering if the author will have a book signing at the camera store. I hope you enjoy the book, and knowing you, you'll get it autographed sometime, somewhere.

  2. Barb - the author is actually from Massachusetts originally!